Guinta For Congress (CD1) - One day !




We’re at a turning point in our country’s history. If the Democrats succeed in keeping Carol Shea-Porter in Congress, we will continue to see record lows in our labor force, record high debt, and a regulatory system suffocating small businesses and job creation.

That is why we are counting on you in our fight against Carol Shea-Porter and the Democrats. It cannot be done alone; we need Republicans across New Hampshire to unite in returning our state back to the hands of responsible citizens.

We wouldn’t be asking for this request if it wasn’t urgent - our fundraising deadline ends tomorrow at midnight, and we are very close to our goal. A donation of just $20 goes a long way.

I’m fighting for you. For the American Dream. For Americans across the country fed up with this Administration and the direction of this country. I’m fighting for your voice to be heard.

The deadline is tomorrow. We need your support more than ever.

Thank you,

Jay Ruais
Campaign Manager
Frank Guinta for Congress