NH DHHS - Plymouth State University announces $2.2 million in grants

Plymouth State University officials will formally announce receipt of $2.2

million in federal grants to support students in the University’s

professional counseling and school psychology programs. The announcement

will be made with New Hampshire Health and Human Services Commissioner

Nicholas "Nick" Toumpas at the NH Department of Health and Human Services

Offices located at 129 Pleasant Street in Concord, NH.

The grants, through the US Health Resources and Services Administration,

part of the Department of Health and Human Services, will provide stipends

to Plymouth State University’s master’s-level interns studying school

counseling and clinical mental health counseling. These internships

require between 600 and 1,200 hours to complete, leaving students little

time for other work to support themselves or their families.

“According to the New Hampshire Department of Education, there is a

critical need in New Hampshire for trained school counselors and school

psychologists,” says PSU Professor of Counseling Gary Goodnough. “It is

very hard for our students to work without pay in their internships while

at the same time paying tuition. These grants allow us to support them

while they attain this important degree.”

"Many efforts have been undertaken to improve the system of care for NH's

children in need of high quality mental health and substance use treatment.

This grant will enhance those efforts by building the workforce that is

critical to our success," said Commissioner Toumpas.

Created in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, the HRSA grant

initiative helps provide better trained school professionals to identify

and treat troubled students.

Following a brief presentation, University and State Officials will be

available at the Friday, October 17th event to answer questions.