NHDP - Politico: Dems turn up heat on Brown

Politico: Dems turn up heat on Brown

By James Hohmann
10/15/14 10:39 AM EDT

The New Hampshire Democratic Party say Scott Brown is “crying poor.”

As autumn comes to New England — and Brown prepares to campaign with Mitt Romney Wednesday — Democrats are seizing on a radio interview that the Senate candidate gave on Tuesday in which he suggested that he’s struggling with the decision to turn up the heat because of rising energy costs.

Personal financial disclosures show Brown and his wife are millionaires.

On WNTK-FM, Brown attacked Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for supporting cap-and-trade and opposing the Keystone Pipeline.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Gail and I are wrestling right now about when we’re turning on the heat. I’m in my house right now, and it’s a good 58 degrees. So it’s probably time to do it, but that costs money.”

New Hampshire Democratic Party spokeswoman Julie McClain shot back, pointing to what she said was Brown’s lucrative career since leaving the Massachusetts Senate seat he held for nearly three years at the start of last year.

“Scott Brown can pay his heating bill with all the money he’s made cashing in on his public service — $270,000 from an outsourcing company, a contract with Fox News, a job with a lobbying firm and a million-dollar deal for a book nobody read,” McClain said. “Scott Brown spent the last two years cashing in on his three years in Washington, and now he’s crying poor in New Hampshire.”


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