Women's Defense League of NH - 2nd Amendment Women Left Out of "Protect All Women" Discussion

October 15, 2014

Today Gabby Giffords and her group Americans for Responsible Solutions came to New Hampshire to meet with women leaders and discuss guns and domestic violence. They have named their tour “Protect All Women” except Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly have neglected to include all women in their roundtable discussion.

Since the Granite State was just named the “Safest State in America”, the Women’s Defense League believes that Giffords has simply come to a state she doesn’t know to push gun control legislation that New Hampshire doesn’t need or want.

By excluding women leaders who are on the forefront of training women -- researching gun crime and violence and working with legislators on 2nd Amendment issues -- Giffords and her husband show they are one-sided in their efforts and are not interested in addressing the real aspects of domestic violence.

It’s a shame that an organization such as Americans for Responsible Solutions, backed by billionaires with armed body guards, only seeks false solutions for those who wish to create more women victims through gun control rather than discuss honest solutions about how to end domestic violence and truly help women.

The League's website is www.womensdefenseleaguenh.com. They may also be found on Facebook at Womens Defense League of NH and Twitter @WDLNH.