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Dear Patriot,

Allow me to make a very personal appeal. In five short days we are launching a bold initiative into the heart and soul of communities that have been dominated by progressive socialist agents for a century. Restore the Dream 2014 will go into every urban center in the country and preach the gospel of liberty and the prosperity it brings. Your Tea Party organization is doing this with Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Star Parker, Fox News Contributor Deneen Borelli and other conservative, civil rights leaders and national Tea Party organizations. The first phase of this campaign will start with a press conference at Dr. Martin Luther King’s memorial in DC, then travel to North Carolina and end in Ferguson, Missouri.

This campaign is not the fight for the soul of urban centers; it is for the fight for the soul and destiny of this republic, your republic. 100 years from now Americans will say that during this period, liberty was won or liberty was lost.

The socialists never stop. Win elections or lose, the George Soroses, the Harry Reids, the Obamas never stop. They never stop supporting their agenda or fighting for their cause.

I remember growing up in the 80's and seeing the joke that was Al Sharpton dumped on his butt by my dad. I remember seeing the likes of Jerimiah Wright and Bill Ayers dismissed as sideshows. Today, Sharpton is the host of his own show and Sharptonism Racialism is the default tool of the Lions of the Democratic Party.

Today we have a President of the United States who was weaned on the philosophies of Ayers, Wright and other committed socialist statists. This reality exists because at the height of the Regan Revolution in the 1980's, the socialists didn't go to sleep. THEY NEVER STOPPED!

You cannot stop. Please support us. Help us to help save our Republic. Your support is not going to fancy crap. It's going to changing hearts and minds in communities across this country. Without your support there is no light, without your support we can't win.

Thank you for your time,

Niger Innis