Watchdog - Are budget cuts to blame for Ebola outbreak?


After wasting tax dollars, officials at CDC, NIH claim budget cuts hurt Ebola preparedness


No matter how bad public officials have misspent and misused tax dollars, they always think they should have more.

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Federal workers abuse purchase cards at public expense

Federal employees make thousands of personal purchases at public’s expense
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Mary Burke denies access — again

No reporters working for traditional media were harmed in the making of the latest Burke lovefest with first lady Michelle Obama.


Citizen News

National Parks ‘listening sessions’ cost $38,320 and filter free speech

These National Park "listening sessions" hit both the taxpayers' freedom and their pocketbooks.
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Vermont schools have special spending on special ed
As education costs climb in Vermont, officials assure taxpayers the money is well-spent.


Energy & Environment
Excessive regulations won’t build a perfect world
The aims of regulators are often good, but results are often dreadful. 


Property Rights
Feds install fences to protect endangered mouse, but the fight continues
New fences put up by the U.S. Forest Service to protect the meadow jumping mouse have become ground zero in a battle between ranchers and environmentalists.

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