NHDP - Nasty Right-Wing Fringe Group Pulls Ad Featuring Slain Journalist

But Brown Still Silent—Won’t Return $10K Donation From PAC Board Member
Foley Family Speaks Out Against Ad, Brown Stays Silent on Controversial Donation

Manchester, NH—While this morning New England Cable News reported that Secure America Now, a right-wing fringe group run by John Bolton, Brown’s big money donor and former foreign policy advisor, is pulling an ad featuring slain journalist and New Hampshire native James Foley, Brown is still refusing to return the $10,000 donation he received from Bolton’s PAC. Brown has refused to do the right thing and return the money he received from Bolton’s PAC, even though the Foley family has spoke out against this ad.
“Scott Brown’s silence speaks volumes. This ad was incredibly offensive, and even the disgraced out of state SuperPAC pulled the ad down. But Scott Brown is remaining silent and refusing to return ten thousand dollars in tainted donations he received from them,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “Scott Brown doesn't understand New Hampshire and clearly doesn't care that the corporate special interests backing his campaign so callously used the murder of one of our own to scare voters. It’s unacceptable that he has refused to take a stand on something so obviously wrong.
“It’s long past time for Scott Brown to finally do the right thing. He should return the donation from the people responsible for this reprehensible ad.”
Yesterday, after running an emotional interview with Jim Foley's parents where they denounced the ad, NECN asked the Brown campaign if he would return the $10,000 donation from Bolton, but Brown’s campaign refused to comment.