NHDP - Statement on the Attorney General's Confirmation that Failed CEO Walt Havenstein's Campaign Violated State Law

Manchester, NH – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley issued the following statement responding to the Attorney General's confirmation that failed CEO Walt Havenstein's campaign “violated State law regarding registration by political committees and reporting of contributions.” See below for Chairman Buckley's statement:
"With today's ruling from the Attorney General's office that failed CEO Walt Havenstein's campaign violated state law, it's clear that Havenstein's manufactured outrage on issues of campaign finance was hypocrisy at its worst."  
"Today's ruling by the Attorney General reinforces that Havenstein can't be taken seriously on ethics, which is not surprising given his record of failing to stop massive fraud that cost taxpayers millions of dollars under his watch as CEO of SAIC." 
"Havenstein has repeatedly attempted to duck responsibility for his bad management and failed leadership at SAIC, and now that the Attorney General's office has confirmed that Havenstein's campaign violated state law with its campaign finance practices, the only question is what will Havenstein say to try to avoid accountability this time?"

Click here to read the letter from the Attorney General's office