NRSC - Shaheen admits ObamaCare hurts her

Good afternoon –

It hasn’t been a very happy Friday for New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. For starters, the Cook Political Report moved the race to “Toss Up”. Jennifer Duffy noted “Polls show the race closing to low- to mid-single digits.”

Then, in an incredibly uncomfortable interview with WGIR, Shaheen revealed that her support for ObamaCare is a big problem for her re-elect. Asked why ObamaCare is missing from her paid advertising, Shaheen struggled before finally admitting that her paid advertising is for things she has done for the state. “We try and look at what’s going to be the most effective…”

In other words, in a matter of 45 seconds, Jeanne Shaheen admitted that her vote for ObamaCare will hurt her chances of re-election. WHOOPS!

Listen to the audio here: