Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Marilinda Garcia Announces 5 Townhalls in 5 Weeks Tour


An ‘Opportunity for All’ To Be Heard

Concord, NH– Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement announcing that Marilinda Garcia will host 5 townhall meetings before the November 4 election:

“In honoring a New Hampshire tradition and the expectations of integrity and openness from our candidates, Marilinda Garcia will host 5 townhall meetings in New Hampshire’s Second District before Election Day, starting on October 7th, in Littleton. These townhall meetings will offer voters an honest opportunity to interact one-on-one with Marilinda and discuss with her the important issues facing our state and our nation.”

Cunningham went on to say, “Although Ann Kuster has yet to respond to our request to participate in a townhall forum, we would like to renew our invitation to her, and urge her to attend any of the below townhall meetings. We see no reason for her to miss these valuable opportunities to meet with the people of New Hampshire, and thus we will be prepared for her participation in every forum.”

“Additionally, we have provided directions to each meeting for Ann Kuster, and we are more than willing to facilitate her travel arrangements so that she is finally able to participate in a townhall meeting. Ann Kuster has never held a townhall meeting and her constituents deserve the opportunity to share their concerns and views with their representative to Congress.”

The dates and locations of the townhalls are as follows:

When: Thursday, October 9, 2014
Topic: Healthcare
Where: Littleton, NH


When: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Topic: National Security (with special guest, John Bolton)
Where: Hanover, NH


When: Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Topic: Taxes & Regulations
Where: Keene, NH


When: October 29, 2014
Topic: Government Spending & National Debt
Where: Concord, NH


When: November 3, 2014
Topic: Jobs & the Economy
Where: Nashua, NH

Specific locations of the aforementioned townhalls will be announced on the week of the event.