Concord - Former United States Senator John E. Sununu released the following statement today on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's attempt to dodge debates with Scott Brown:


"Granite Staters expect to be represented by public officials who are not afraid of their own records. During my campaigns against Jeanne Shaheen, we participated in numerous head-to-head debates hosted by respected New Hampshire organizations including the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Debates at local Chambers are especially important during this campaign, given the ongoing economic challenges facing our state and country.


"Jeanne Shaheen is dodging debates with Scott Brown because she knows that she cannot defend her record of voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time. Her transparent attempt to avoid a serious discussion of the issues by declining invitations and refusing to appear on stage with Scott undermines our political process and is extremely disrespectful to New Hampshire voters."




John Sununu and Jeanne Shaheen squared off in a head-to-head debate hosted by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce: (Shaheen, Sununu debate future of Social Security, Union Leader, 10/31/2002)


Jeanne Shaheen is now refusing to appear on stage with Scott Brown at a debate hosted by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the Nashua Chamber of Commerce: (Shaheen refuses to be on stage with Brown at Chambers' debate, NH Journal, 9/29/2014)