CEI Today: Online gambling ban, EPA's clean power plan, and the future of driverless cars

Monday, Oct. 20, 2014
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New Pittsburgh Courier: Online gambling ban does nothing to protect consumers
Wellington Webb says gambling ensnares “naïve and foolish” people who think they can strike it rich. But how is legal online gambling any more of a threat to consumers’ well-being than state-run lotteries, brick-and-mortar casinos, or foreign-operated gambling sites? Playing poker online is no more dangerous than other forms of real-world gambling. In fact, legalizing the activity would bring online gambling out of the shadows and allow states to implement safeguards to address the ills Webb fears. An online gambling ban will do nothing to protect consumers—but it will protect the profits of brick-and-mortar casino owners like Webb’s boss, Sheldon Adelson. > Read more


“Topsy-Turvy” Clean Power Plan Could “Substantially” Raise Electric Bills — Virginia State Corporate Commission

In a comment letter filed this week, the State Corporation Commission (SCC)* cautioned that EPA’s Clean Power Plan could “substantially increase” consumer electric bills in Virginia. > Read more


> Related: EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Huge Electric Sector Impacts, Undetectably Small Climate Benefits — Study

> Interview Marlo Lewis

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Misguided Regulations Threaten Automated Vehicle Innovation
To date, four states and the District of Columbia have enacted statutes that explicitly recognize the legality of automated vehicles. 

California’s manufacturer testing regulations came into force in September. While not entirely problematic, California’s rules mandate that a licensed driver be in the driver seat at all times during autonomous operation. In effect, this outlaws testing of more advanced fully automated vehicles. > Read more

> Interview Marc Scribner


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