NHDP - Debunking Brown's Energy Rhetoric, Explains Why NH Can’t Afford Scott Brown

Following the Release of Brown's Latest Energy Attack Ad, Massachusetts Leaders Set The Record Straight

Manchester, NH--Massachusetts Congresswoman Katherine Clark, Mayor of Melrose, Massachusetts Rob Dolan, New Hampshire energy expert and former Public Utilities Commissioner Cliff Below,and co-founder of Revolution Energy in Dover, NH Michael Behrmann held a press conference to discuss Scott Brown’s energy agenda that would cost New Hampshire jobs and increase prices for consumers, all while continuing to reward Big Oil with billions in tax breaks.  
“What Scott Brown is not telling you is that when he was serving Massachusetts in the Senate, he made his number one priority protecting the record-breaking profits of oil companies, even if it meant that the middle class would have to pay more,” said Congresswoman Katherine Clark, who represents Massachusetts' 5th congressional district. “Brown consistently supported the big oil companies, protecting billions of dollars in special tax breaks. Why? Because they were donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign.  I’ve watched what Scott Brown has been saying in New Hampshire, because it affects me. And I’ve watched from Massachusetts as he preaches an energy agenda that sounds good, but I am here to warn you it would be bad for New Hampshire families.”
“Scott Brown has always made the big guys more of a priority than families in cities like the city I present,” saidMelrose, MA Mayor Rob Dolan. “When he was in the Senate, his objective was clear: keep working to protect the country’s biggest banks and largest oil companies—and people like those in my city paid the price. Scott Brown’s plan would hit New Hampshire families where it hurts, by increasing costs and cutting jobs. This is typical—he’s always put the interests of campaign donors above his constituents. Scott Brown was wrong for the people of Melrose and Massachusetts, and he’s wrong for the people of New Hampshire.”
“Scott Brown’s energy ‘plan’ shows he doesn’t understand New Hampshire,” said former New Hampshire Public Utilities Commissioner Clifton Below. “Scott Brown’s energy policy would be a windfall for oil and gas companies who would see even bigger profit margins at the expense of New Hampshire families and businesses. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand why —Brown has taken nearly half a million dollars in campaign cash from the oil and gas industry. Scott Brown, for many reasons, is not the right candidate for New Hampshire working families. One big one is that his energy plans and votes would mean higher energy costs and fewer jobs for New Hampshire.”
“Looking at Scott Brown’s record, he has repeatedly prioritized the oil and gas industry. But if Senators keep putting oil interests first, we will never move forward towards energy independence,” said Revolution Energy co-founder Michael Behrmann. “New Hampshire does not need more advocated for exporting our energy and our energy dollars—quite the opposite. As someone working every day to improve New Hampshire’s energy outlook, I can tell you that Scott Brown is the wrong choice. Senator Shaheen has demonstrated her commitment to this issue and to making New Hampshire a more sustainable and independent state.”
As a Senator from Massachusetts, Brown protected more than $20 billion in special tax payer subsidies for Big Oil companies, while voting to once cut the Low-Income Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which helps tens of thousands of low-income New Hampshire families afford the cost of home heating during the winter.  
Since announcing his campaign for the Senate in New Hampshire, Brown has also repeatedly advocated for an increase in natural gas exports, which independent analyses show would drive up energy costs for New Hampshire families.