CEI Today: Cost of independent agencies, union lobbyists, energy poverty, and more

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014
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The Great Unknown - Federal Independent Agencies’ Regulatory Costs

Independent agencies are not subject to Office of Management and Budget review as executive agency rules are, so their rules’ costs are not included in the annual Report to Congress on the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulations, confounding as that may be. Referring to whatever cost estimates independent agencies may perform on their own, OMB stated that it “does not know whether the rigor of the analysis conducted by these agencies is similar to that of the analyses performed by agencies subject to OMB review.” > Read more



Union Lobbyists Collecting Illinois Public Pen
sions Is Illegal Gift

Recent reports reveal that Illinois taxpayers are funding union agents’ pensions.

One loophole allowed a couple of teacher union lobbyists who spent one day each as substitute teachers in Illinois public schools to apply their years of service as union agents for the Illinois Federation of Teachers toward a state pension.
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> Interview Trey Kovacs



Green Exploitation of the Monarch Butterfly

Conservationists rightly point out that monarch butterflies face challenges associated with habitat loss because there are not enough of the type of plants that they need for food and reproduction.

A massive educational campaign pushed by environmental groups, which collectively have tens of millions of dollars at their disposal, could make the critical difference. Some groups are working this angle, but too many others would rather spend the money to lobby for more government controls on businesses and property owners. > Read more

> Interview Angela Logomasini



Which Is the Bigger Threat to People in Developing Countries: Climate Change or Energy Poverty?

For the 1.3 billion people who have no electricity, energy poverty is indeed an existential threat. For the additional 2.3 billion people facing chronic electricity shortages, frequent blackouts, and limited hours of service, energy poverty is a decisive obstacle to development.

Those 3.6 billion people need access to plentiful, reliable, affordable energy as soon as possible, and for the foreseeable future, that means carbon-based energy. Yet the pampered elites at the UN, the EU, and the White House want all countries, including India and China, where hundreds of millions still have no electricity, to make ‘politically-binding’ commitments to limit their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the inescapable byproduct of carbon-energy use. > Read more


> Interview Marlo Lewis

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CEI President Lawson Bader


In Memoriam: Leonard Liggio

Wall Street Journal
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Carvin’s ObamaCare
Tour de Force

His reply brief to the government leaves the Supreme Court no legal reason to dodge the case on federal subsidies.


CEI’s Battered Business Bureau:
The Week in Regulation

The federal government took Monday off for Columbus Day, but still managed to pack more than 50 new regulations into a short week.