CEI Today: Sports gambling, student loans, paperwork costs, and more

Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014
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New Republic: Let Chris Christie Legalize Sports Gambling. It Won't Ruin the Game.

Last Friday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill legalizing sports gambling in his state. Casinos and racetracks began preparing to take bets as soon as this weekend. But the four major sports leagues and the NCAA, who say the law violates a federal ban on sports gambling, filed a motion Tuesday to stop the law from taking effect. Now it's up to a federal judge to decide.

It's a legal matter, but earlier this month Mark Varga argued in The New Republic that central issue is the integrity of the game: that legalizing sports gambling in America would lead to scandals like match fixing. There's no evidence to support his argument. In fact, legalizing gambling would make the game even cleaner and more transparent. > Read more

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Forbes: CFPB's Loan Report Attacks Lenders Rather Than Empowering Students

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) recent annual student loan ombudsman report aims to help those falling behind with private lenders. However, its reactive approach would simply stifle flames rather than prevent their initial burst by proposing shortsighted policies that could lead vulnerable students to take on more debt. > Read more



The 2014 Federal Paperwork and Red Tape Roundup, Part 4: Independent Agency Paperwork Costs

Independent agency paperwork burdens do not get accounted for in OMB’s annual benefits and costs roundup of executive agency rules, and include bureaus like the Securities and Exchange Commission with its 234 million reported hours of paperwork, and the Federal Communications Commission’s 82 million.

Be that as it may, as the link at Independent Agency Paperwork Burdens and the chart nearby shows, these hours add up to 610 million for agencies not headed by a cabinet secretary. At $35/hour, add an additional $21.3 billion in annual costs for independent agencies.
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EPA’s Clean Power Plan Targets for Virginia: Unlawful Six Ways

The Virginia State Corporation Counsel’s staff identify six main reasons EPA’s proposed CO2 reduction targets for Virginia are not valid performance standards. > Read more


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