CONCORD - Tonight, Scott Brown contrasted the failed Obama-Shaheen foreign policy with his own plans to make America strong again. He zeroed in on Senator Shaheen's incoherent position taking military options completely off the table.

Jeanne Shaheen
NH1/CNN Debate
October 23, 2014

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Senator Brown:  Still hasn’t answered your question she didn’t answer it in the last debate as well and that’s part of the problem she is so tied in with President Obama and his failed policies on this issue.  The question was would you agree with the President to send ground troops or not.  The bottom line is you’ve already taken it off the table.  You’ve taken the greatest fighting force off the table and we have an opportunity.  There is no one talking by the way about occupying forces we are talking about a transitional force as we have done in other countries.  They are not occupiers, we were there to assist the government, the Iraqi Government,  to make sure what happened wouldn’t happen and its that type of lack of leadership
Senator Shaheen: Well we are there assisting the Iraqi Government
Senator Brown: Where are allies don’t trust us right now
Senator Shaheen: And we are assisting the Kurds
Senator Brown: Senator with respect the Kurds are hanging on for dear life.  They’re in trouble.  The Iraqi government is in trouble.  ISIS is the size of New England right now and you and the President have taken ground troops off the table, which is the worst thing you can do when you have the greatest fighting force in the world.  You take them off the table and that is part of the problem you’re so, you’re so supportive of this President you can’t even say if General Dempsey and others say we need ground troops, you won’t even say right now that yes we have to do it.  Their goal is to put a flag in the White House, our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen and right now because of the if you don’t believe me Secretary Panetta said he advocated for it and the President rejected each and every opportunity to make sure we could have a transition force there.  It was a mistake but not for that effort we would not be in this.