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Friday, Oct. 24, 2014
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Forbes: The Least Important Election of Your Lifetime

Both Republicans and Democrats, especially in their fight over control of the Senate, are spending considerable effort to persuade “their” voters to show up to the polls, even when it means voting against their own principles. You read that right. Democrats are urging environmentalists to vote for “fossil-fuel loving” candidates, while Republicans are urging Tea Party activists to vote for the same people they sought to defeat in primaries. > Read more

> Interview Fred L. Smith, Jr.


Forbes: The Troubling Prospect Of Janet Yellen As Liberal Political Crusader

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s unprecedented speech on income inequality harbingers worrisome policy prescriptions by a central bank created to serve limited functions. Her wide-ranging critique of America’s economic and education systems could well position her as the monetary equivalent of activist judges who legislate from the bench. > Read more

> See also: Loan Report Attacks Lenders Rather Than Empowering Students


Saturday, 10am ET


Join me this Saturday on Bloomberg Radio discussing political, economic, and civil freedoms with CEI President Lawson Bader and other guests.

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The 2014 Federal Paperwork and Red Tape Roundup, Part 4: Independent Agency Paperwork Costs

Independent agency paperwork burdens do not get accounted for in OMB’s annual benefits and costs roundup of executive agency rules, and include bureaus like the Securities and Exchange Commission with its 234 million reported hours of paperwork, and the Federal Communications Commission’s 82 million.

Be that as it may, as the link at Independent Agency Paperwork Burdens and the chart nearby shows, these hours add up to 610 million for agencies not headed by a cabinet secretary. At $35/hour, add an additional $21.3 billion in annual costs for independent agencies.
> Read more

> Interview Wayne Crews


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CEI President Lawson Bader


In Memoriam: Leonard Liggio

CEI’s Battered Business Bureau:
The Week in Regulation

The federal government took Monday off for Columbus Day, but still managed to pack more than 50 new regulations into a short week.