NHDP - New NHDP Web Video: “The Scott Brown Show”

New NHDP Web Video: “The Scott Brown Show”
Manchester - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party released a new web video titled, “The Scott Brown Show,” which highlights how Scott Brown's laughable rhetoric on important issues is entirely removed from the realities of his record. At Tuesday's debate, the crowd in Concord repeatedly laughed at Brown when he tried to run away from his vote to protect tax breaks for companies that outsource or when he tried to explain away his motives behind running for office in New Hampshire fresh off of a loss in Massachusetts. 
To watch the video here.
“Scott Brown's phony excuses and empty rhetoric is laughable, but his record is definitely not," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "His record on protecting tax breaks for companies that outsource and Big Oil special interests is just more proof that he is wrong for New Hampshire and people here can't trust him.”

The video begins by highlighting a moment from Tuesday’s NECN debate when Scott Brown was asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd why he decided to move to New Hampshire to run for office instead of running again in Massachusetts. It goes on to show the crowd at the debate again laughed when he attempted to run from his pro-outsorucing voting record.
“Come November, New Hampshire voters will see a clear choice between someone who has actually been here for New Hampshire and someone who is in this race for nobody but himself and the corporate interests that line his pockets and campaign coffers,” added McClain.
The video also features Brown’s botched answer to a question on border security, and his infamous claim that he has “secret meetings with kings and queens.” It ends with dueling clips of Brown peddling the exact same line that he will be “nobody’s Senator but yours” in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.