NH Tea Party Coalition - Beware Outside Groups Posing as the "Tea Party" from NH


Door to door campaigns for candidates conducted by groups having no affiliation in this state

It has come to our attention that a group from outside New Hampshire calling itself "Tea Party Patriots" has been conducting a door-to-door campaign endorsing candidates in NH.

Residents should be advised that "Tea Party Patriots" is not a legitimate tea party but a GOP PAC established in 2009 using the name of the movement popularized in 2007. "Tea Party Patriots"  was started by GOP fundraiser gurus and consultants. Its leaders have managed to extract thousands of dollars from unsuspecting conservatives who have no idea that most of the money goes for office overhead and the salaries of the GOP operatives who run the group.

Groups such as "Tea Party Patriots",  "Tea Party Express", and others, do not have any organization in New Hampshire. But it did not take long for a misleading article to appear in THE HILL, a DC online newspaper, claiming that tea party members in NH had suddenly"fallen in line". Tea party members understood when they joined the NHTPC that it is NOT part of the GOP or any other political party.


The legitimate tea party is a movement with a mission that focuses on issues and will never run, fund or endorse candidates. NHTPC is the only NH group that supports the original mission of the tea party movement.

Residents who found a door card proclaiming that the "tea party" endorses a particular candidate should be wary of these well-funded operatives who come from outside New Hampshire.