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What has your representative in Congress has done for you?

We traveled to a few states to ask that question of local residents, and we got some pretty hilarious responses. Take a look -- I think you'll enjoy!

Watch the videos here:


These elected officials clearly haven't done much to make life better or more affordable for their constituents, but here are some of the things they
have done:

  • Senator Mark Begich of Alaska voted for ObamaCare and continues to be a strong supporter of the law, despite the fact that Alaskans will experience huge jumps in their monthly health care premiums as a result.

  • Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana lied to us, promising that those individuals who like their health care coverage would be able to keep it under ObamaCare.

  • Senator Mark Udall of Colorado urged party leaders to support a carbon tax, even though it would destroy jobs and raise energy bills across the country.

  • Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas voted to establish a $1 trillion spending level, instead of cutting back on wasteful spending and getting our national debt under control.

  • Representative Bruce Braley of Iowa voted for ObamaCare, which will cost taxpayers a whopping $1.36 trillion by 2023.

Americans have a right to know when their elected officials aren't acting in their best interests -- that's why we could really use your help sharing these videos:

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Thanks for all you do for the cause of freedom!

Jessica Fawson
Director of Digital/Social Marketing
Americans for Prosperity

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