Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Shea-Porter's Failed Record Takes Center Stage

Guinta Dominates, Shea-Porter Doubles Down on Deception

MANCHESTER – Tonight’s WMUR Debate at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics continued to reveal clear contrasts between Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta.

Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager for Frank Guinta for Congress, released the following statement:

“Congresswoman Shea-Porter was on the defensive from the get-go. Unable to defend her support of President Obama, the free perks she's received at taxpayer expense, and her exemption from ObamaCare, she was forced to resort to personal attacks to distract Granite Staters from her record.  Tonight’s debate made it abundantly clear that Shea-Porter is out for two people: herself and President Obama. Frank is the clear choice for New Hampshire families looking for an independent voice who will work to balance budgets, strengthen the middle class, and promote patient-centered, market-driven health care reforms.”