AFPNH - This Is Your Chance!


Senator Jeanne Shaheen proudly voted in support of ObamaCare. Don't miss your opportunity to vote against Obamacare by defeating Senator Shaheen on Novermber 4.

Thanks to Senator Shaheen and Obamacare, our network of health care providers and hospitals in New Hampshire has gotten smaller while our premiums and deductibles have gone up.

Enough is enough!

Senator Shaheen won't back down from her support of the disastrout and dangerous ObamaCare. So why should we support her?                                                               

As you know, we at Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire have spent this year educating New Hampshire citizens on the damage that Obamacare has wrought on our families and business owners.

Now it is your turn.

Senator Shaheen set the stage for our friends and neighbors to lose access to their hospitals and doctors through three decades of bad policy decisions. First by driving out the competition in the marketplace in 1994 and then voting for ObamaCare, which drove up costs. It's time for her to go - it's time to Fire Jeanne Shaheen.

Don't let Senator Shaheen get away with bringing Obamacare to New Hampshire. She is proud of her vote. Be proud of yours.

Live Free or Die,

Gregory Moore
NH State Director