CEI Today: Federal freebies, New Jersey's driverless cars, and Hillary's speaking fees

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014
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Hillary Clinton: Businesses Don't Create Jobs

Naturally it’s being said that Clinton’s statement was taken out of context, that she was talking about corporate tax breaks or something. Perhaps she was referring to her speaking bureau or to Chelsea’s former employer NBC News? Perhaps those corporations and businesses aren’t creating jobs, and that’s her reference point. > Read more

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Sen. Coburn’s Wastebook Highlights Mismanagement of Federal Employees

Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) released his annual Wastebook that exposes how the federal government fritters away your tax dollars.

A disturbing theme found in the report is that many federal employees receive full pay and benefits to either not perform government work or for activity totally unrelated to what they were hired to do.  
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> Interview Trey Kovacs


New Jersey's Driverless Car Bill: One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Yesterday, the New Jersey Senate Transportation Committee in a unanimous vote reported S734, a bill that would recognize the legality of autonomous vehicle testing and operations in New Jersey. While we should appreciate [the] intent to promote automated vehicle development in New Jersey, it contains a number of problems.  > Read more

The 2014 Federal Paperwork and Red Tape Roundup

In Parts 1 through 4 of The 2014 Federal Paperwork and Red Tape Roundup we compiled a basic picture of federal paperwork costs with respect to independent agencies and federal tax collection, as well as took a look at taxation’s deadweight costs.

Now we will briefly visit the executive departments, agencies and commissions to see what might be appraised about their paperwork.

Part 5: Executive Agency Regulatory Costs

> Interview Wayne Crews


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