Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Fact Checks: Kuster says....

Kuster says she has a bipartisan record 

On background:

Ann Kuster claim:I have a record of bipartisanship while in Congress

Fact: Ann Kuster has voted with the Democratic Party 94% of the time, and has voted with President Obama 87% of the time.


Kuster says she wasn't a lobbyist 

Ann Kuster claim: I worked as an adoption attorney for 20 years.

Fact: Although Ann Kuster has worked as an attorney, she has primarily been employed as a wealthy lobbyist earning over $1.3 million dollars over her lobbyist career (Karen Langley, “Kuster’s Lobbying Career,” Concord Monitor 8/15/2010).

A short while later, a lobbyist registered to represent the multibillion-dollar, multinational corporation headquartered in Switzerland that makes Rohypnol, began her testimony.


 Kuster 's blatant flip flop on ebola travel ban 

In the NH1 Debate, Ann Kuster opposed the idea of travel ban, stating that there are will be problems if we don’t have "commercial travel to Western Africa” (Sam Evans-Brown, “Full Audio: Kuster, Garcia Meet In First 2nd District Debate”, NHPR 10/20/2014). Yet now, she says that it is a smart idea to prevent flights from Western Africa and to stop granting VISAs to people coming to the U.S. from affected countries.”


 Fact check on Kuster Lies about Marilinda Garcia abortion votes 

Ann Kuster claim: Marilinda Garcia introduced a bill that would ban all abortions

Fact: Marilinda Garcia never introduced a bill that would ban all abortions in any instances (NH General Court).


Kuster absence in DC and Veterans Votes

Ann Kuster claim: I'm pro-veterans and I’m fighting for veterans

Fact: In 2013, Ann Kuster missed nearly 40 percent of Veterans Committee and relevant Sub-Committee meeting (“House Committee on Veterans Affairs,” U.S. GPO). Ann Kuster also TWICE voted against funding veterans’ benefits during the government shutdown (H.J. Res. 72, Roll Call #506, 10/1/13; H.J. Res. 72, Roll Call #518, 10/3/13)