APIA - Lonegan in Breitbart: Federal Reserve’s Greatest Triumph is Squeezing Middle Class

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APIA's director of monetary policy Steve Lonegan continued to examine the Federal Reserve’s effects on the American worker in his latest article, which points out that incomes have fallen 8% over the same five year period as the Federal Reserve’s ambitious “Quantitative Easing” projects.


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Nicholas Arnold

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Media coverage of Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen’s speech ignores the continuing predicament of the middle income American.

Sure, those with highly leveraged portfolios or a large pile of retirement assets might care, but that’s not the median income worker. For conversation sake let’s call her Julia. Julia is far more concerned with whether her earnings will ever catch up to those in 2007.

The massive Fed interventions and record low interest rates over the last 6 years haven’t helped her. The government recently reported that the 2013 median income of Americans had plummeted 8 percent from 2007. Over half of that happened while the Federal Reserve trumpeted its various “Quantitative Easing” programs.

Instead of wasting so much time bantering about the Fed’s latest pronouncement, political leaders and the media should be focused on how to make workers able to thrive again.

Read the full article here: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/09/19/Federal-Reserve-achievement