NHDP - NH Women Discuss New Report Findings on State's Gender Wage Gap

Condemn Brown’s Comments and Record on Equal Pay
Brown Quoted This Week Implying That Equal Pay Is “Not An Issue People Care About”

Manchester, NH—New Hampshire women gathered in Manchester today to discuss a new study that shows that New Hampshire women are still paid significantly less than men even though women graduate from college at a higher than average rate, Scott Brown’s offensive assertion that equal pay is not an “issue people care about,” and his record of opposing paycheck fairness.
“Equal pay is critical to Granite State women and their families. It’s also critical to our state’s economy. We know that in order to grow, we have to grow together,” said New Hampshire House Speaker Terie Norelli. “But it does seem that Scott Brown missed that memo. Scott Brown is wrong. People do care about these issues, particularly women in New Hampshire. And it’s troubling to me that someone who is asking for the trust of any voter would be so dismissive of what voters think is important. This kind of mindset is certainly not something that belongs in the U.S. Senate.”
“For Scott Brown to so casually assert that equal pay is not of importance to people tells me that he is deeply out of touch with voters like me,” said Jenn Alford-Teaster, academic and New Hampshire native. “If you look at the new report, it’s not just women who are saying that equal pay is of value to them. It’s men too. Across all life stages, socioeconomic statuses, and races, people in New Hampshire know that it’s not only an issue of fairness—it’s an issue of economic vitality and sustainability. I would encourage Scott Brown to think deeply about what it is people here really want, and to do a little research before he starts talking about things that he doesn’t understand.”
“I was discouraged to hear former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s comments,” said Yvonne Nanasi, insurance expert and resident of Bedford. “As a Republican small businesswoman, I have the option to choose a U.S. Senator who recognizes that women deserve to be compensated equally. And I have the option to support a U.S. Senator who recognizes that women should not be denied their choice of health care and contraception options. These issues are important to the economic security of the hardworking women of New Hampshire. These issues are important when I choose who to vote for in November. I am choosing to support Senator Shaheen.”
“We reject Scott Brown’s notion that equal pay is not important to us. We reject the notion that this is not a problem for us, and we resent his attempt to silence our voices by telling people that it doesn’t matter to us,” said Diana Lacey, President of the State Employees Association of New Hampshire, SEIU 1984. “$9,000 a year—the amount women lose out on every year due to pay inequality—is the difference between living in a car and living in your own home. It might not seem like a lot of money to Scott Brown, or an issue worth caring about, but it is a hugely important issue for New Hampshire working families. Scott Brown’s complete disregard and dismissal of this gross inequality only provides further proof that he is wrong for New Hampshire families.”
As a Senator from Massachusetts, Brown repeatedly voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would give women additional legal protections to combat gender-based wage discrimination.