Watchdog - VA hospital: Solar panels before bed sheets


VA hospital lacks PJ’s, sheets and toothbrushes, yet spends millions on new furniture, TVs and solar


Veterans at the Shreveport, La., Veterans Administration hospital have been going without toothbrushes, toothpaste, pajamas, sheets and blankets while department officials spend money on new Canadian-made furniture, televisions to run public service announcements and solar panels, a Watchdog investigation has revealed

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Shumlin SUV appearance at green event underscores contradictions in ‘Net Zero’

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin recently rolled up to a solar energy ceremony in a gas-guzzling SUV. What kind of message do you think that sends to onlookers?
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The Obama administration and its war on whistleblowers

You know things are getting pretty bad for press freedom when journalists from established media bastions like the New York Times and Associated Press are complaining about it.


Citizen News

Obamaphone use up 100-fold in Maryland

The use of consumer-subsidized “Obamaphones” in Maryland grew 100-fold from 2009 to 2012 to 645,000 customers. That's twice the number of people eligible for the program.
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Seattle imposes fine on residents who throw away food
Seattle garbage collectors now have free reign to search trash cans to make sure you're composting.


Energy & Environment
Endangered bats may pose little threat to wind developers
Wind turbines kill an estimated 600,000 or more bats a year, some of which are endangered species, but that isn't likely to stop the development of wind turbines.


New study says Obamacare hurts businesses
Yet another study - this time one by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia - finds that Obamacare is detrimental to business growth across the country.