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Hot on the trail: drives 2014 election coverage

Voting machines that force you to vote Democrat, candidates stonewalling reporters, 78-year-old grandmas banned from poll observing, labor unions spending tens of millions of dollars in mandatory dues on politics. Clearly, it's been an eventful election season.'s coverage of the midterms serves as a prime example of what we strive to do: Counter the unquestioned narrative of establishment media with local, fact-based stories that otherwise would go untold. 

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A Note From Our President

Dear Reader,

As we approach the midterm election, I'm reminded of how elections are much more than an opportunity to choose our representatives--though that is critically important. Aside from the pros and cons of candidates, election season gives rise to debates over the influence of money in politics, the integrity of the voting process, and our First Amendment right to criticize and fact-check politicians. 

Just as in past election years, has been on the ground and out in front of the debate. We've covered reports of "calibration issues" in voting machines, exposed the tens of millions of dollars that unions spend on political activities, and examined how ballot initiatives that the local media often overlooks will affect your community.

Best regards,

Jason Stverak
President, Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity







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Watchdog Wire

Bill Clinton Supports Tom Wolf’s Taxing Agenda

Sound bites echoed throughout Pittsburgh on Monday as the notorious former Democratic President Bill Clinton stumped for his party’s Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf.

VIDEO: Sen. Hagan Blasts ‘Out-of-State Billionaires’ for Election Funding

Senator Kay Hagan touted the virtues of grass roots support over "out-of-state billionaires," but she's benefited from more than $37 million in outside spending this election."



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