NHDP Statement on Tonight’s Gubernatorial Granite State Debate

Manchester, NH – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement after tonight’s gubernatorial Granite State Debate:

“In tonight's gubernatorial debate, failed CEO Walt Havenstein continued to duck responsibility for his disastrous record of mismanagement at SAIC, when under his watch the company overcharged taxpayers by millions of dollars on a government project and went $500 million over budget on another taxpayer-funded project due to massive fraud. Havenstein even tried to deny the fact that SAIC gave a five percent raise to those at the center of the massive CityTime fraud scandal more than a year into his tenure as CEO."

"Now, Havenstein wants to push his so-called ‘plan’ that would blow a $90 million hole in the state’s budget to give more tax giveaways to big businesses and take New Hampshire back to the Bill O’Brien era of devastating cuts to higher education, public safety and infrastructure."

"New Hampshire just can't afford to let Walt Havenstein do to our state what he did to SAIC, which is why Granite Staters will continue to stand with Governor Hassan because her bipartisan leadership on innovation, education and fiscal responsibility is moving our state in the right direction."