AUFC - Mon., Oct. 6 in Manchester & Nashua: U.S. Rep. Shea-Porter to Join the National 'Put the Middle Class First' Bus Tour

The National ‘Put the Middle Class First’ Bus Tour Headed to the Granite State, To Be Joined by Congresswoman Shea-Porter 

18-State Tour to Underscore Clear Choice Voters Face in November:
Democrats’ Middle-Out Approach to Building an Economy That Works for Everyone vs. Scott Brown and Frank Guinta’s Top-Down Approach That Works Only for the Wealthy Few & Big Corporations

Washington DC – Americans United for Change is hitting the road with the national “Put the Middle Class First” bus tour to help drive home the clear choice before voters on November 4 between having a Democratic Congress that works for them or a Tea Party Congress that works for corporate special interests like the Koch brothers. The tour kicks off in New Hampshire on October 6th, first in Manchester at 10 a.m. ET followed by Nashua at 1 pm ET.  With the backdrop of a 45’ long ‘fair shot advocate on wheels’ and with invaluable support from the NH Democratic Party and Alliance for Retired Americans, Americans United will be joined by U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter in Manchester and State Senator Bette Lasky (D-NH District 13) in Nashua, as  well as local faith leaders, safety net advocates, and seniors who agree that a strong economy can only be built to last from the middle out, not the top down as Frank Guinta and Scott Brown (R-MA) insist. *SEE DETAILS BELOW.

While the economy is picking up speed, many American families are still struggling to climb into the middle class and stay there. The reason: incomes have been stagnant or even shrinking for more than a decade at the same time the cost of food, child care, college, housing, retirement security, and basic necessities has soared. That’s why all eyes are on Washington to make critical investments in education and infrastructure that will create more jobs, opportunity, and an economy that works for everyone. But instead, Tea Party Republicans have stood in the way of every reasonable proposal made by President Obama and Democrats to move the country forward and instead have made sure this Congress has been the least productive and most beholden to the special interests in U.S. history.

Four years in a row, House Republicans passed a budget plan that voucherizes Medicare, slashes Medicaid, Pell grants and child care services, and shortchanges badly needed repairs to America’s crumbling bridges and roads. At the same time the Ryan budget, which Frank Guinta voted repeatedly for, protects Big Oil subsides and gives away $5 trillion in new tax breaks for millionaires and corporations that outsource U.S. jobs. Not to be outdone, Republican Governors like Scott Walker and Rick Scott signed into law their own Robin Hood in Reverse policies, from tax breaks geared towards the super-wealthy, to gutting public education, to refusing to accept available Medicaid resources to cover thousands of vulnerable citizens living one health emergency away from bankruptcy.  The Koch brothers, Big Insurance and Wall Street are clearly satisfied customers judging by the millions of dollars they continue to funnel into Republican campaigns like that of Guinta and Scott Brown.

In contrast, Democrats in Congress have a detailed set of proposals that put the middle class first, giving more Americans a fair shot at getting into the middle class and achieving the American Dream, including: Ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work; Making college affordable; Raising the Minimum Wage; Creating jobs by investing in infrastructure; and Protecting Social Security and Medicare from benefit cuts, vouchers that don’t keep pace with seniors’ health costs, or privatization schemes.



WHO:             U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH-1st)
Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change

NHDP Chairman Raymond Buckley

Gail Kinney, Pastor, South Danbury (NH) United Church of Christ

Lucy Edwards, President of the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans

WHERE:       Veterans Memorial Park, 889 Elm St, Manchester, NH


WHEN:          Monday, October 6, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. ET




WHO:             State Senator Bette Lasky (D-NH District 13)
Alderman Diane Sheehan

Brad Woodhouse, Americans United for Change

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley


WHERE:       Parking lot outside Nashua Public Library, 2 Court Street, Nashua, NH


WHEN:          Monday, October 6, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. ET


Americans United for Change, known formally as Americans United to Protect Social Security, is a 501c4 issue-advocacy organization established in 2005 to beat back President Bush’s effort to privatize Social Security and that has been working ever since to advance a progressive agenda in Congress including Wall Street reform, protecting Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security from benefit cuts, and requiring millionaires and big corporations pay their fair share in taxes.