NHDP - DEBATE RECAP: In Conway, Scott Brown Doubles Down on Big Oil, Koch Brothers

Brown Also Launches More Discredited Attacks, Tries to Hide from His Own Record

Conway, NH--Scott Brown’s debate performance this afternoon in Conway made one thing clear: he’s not for New Hampshire. This afternoon Brown not only doubled down on his allegiance to Big Oil and the Koch Brothers but he also tried to run away from his own votes to defund Planned Parenthood and other aspects of his anti-choice record.
“The message voters received today was clear: Scott Brown is not for New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “From touting support from out of state corporate interests and the Koch Brothers, to attacking bipartisan legislation that benefited New Hampshire small businesses and the state’s tourism industry, or even his attempt to run away fro his vote to defund Planned Parenthood, Scott Brown showed New Hampshire whose side he’s on today. And it’s not New Hampshire, it’s Big Oil and corporate interests who fund his campaigns and line his pockets.”


Today Scott Brown touted support from the pro-outsourcing Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers funded NFIB.
FACT: Brown Voted Against A Bill To To Close Tax Loopholes That Rewarded Companies For Shipping U.S. Jobs Overseas, A Position Backed By The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce.[Vote 242, 9/28/10; The Hill, 9/23/10]
FACT: The Koch Brothers Fund The National Federation Of Independent Businesses.[CNN, 11/21/13]
Today Scott Brown attacked the Small Business Jobs Act and the Travel Promotion Act as failures, despite the fact that they’ve both benefited New Hampshire small businesses and the state’s tourism industry.
FACT: The Small Business Jobs Act And Travel Promotion Act Supported New Hampshire’s Economy And Its Critical Small Businesses. [New Hampshire Union Leader,9/26/14; Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/24/14; Foster’s Daily Democrat, 12/31/2012 ; New Hampshire Union Leader, 7/9/12]
Today Scott Brown tried to hide the fact that he voted to defund Planned Parenthood.
FACT: Brown Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood and Other Critical Services for Women in GOP Budget. [Vote 36, 3/09/11; New York Times2/17/11
Today Scott Brown dishonestly suggested that Jeanne Shaheen was involved in an IRS scandal, an attack that has already been discredited by independent fact checkers.
FACT: PolitiFact Ruled Claim That Shaheen Directed IRS Targeting “Mostly False” And Her Efforts Were “At Most […] Aimed At Ensuring Transparency […]  For Groups Across The Ideological Spectrum.” [PolitiFact New Hampshire, 10/16/13]
Today Scott Brown falsely suggested that Jeanne Shaheen supports an energy tax, another claim that has already been discredited by independent fact checkers.  
FACT: PolitiFact Ruled Brown’s Claim That Shaheen Voted For A National Energy Tax Was “Mostly False.” [PolitiFact, 6/18/14]