NHDP - Marilinda Garcia Already Caving to John Boehner

Garcia’s Rush to Affirm Support for Speaker Boehner Shows Just How Ready and Willing She Is to be a Standard Bearer for the Tea Party

Manchester, NH - Marilinda Garcia has already caved to Speaker John Boehner and the reckless right-wing special interests in Washington. 

In a radio interview last week – Garcia wouldn’t commit to support John Boehner for Speaker, if elected. Not long after, Speaker Boehner threatened to deny Garcia's campaign support if she kept it up. Garcia's weak attempt to disguise her true readiness to rubber stamp Boehner's reckless policies didn’t last long, as Garcia quickly fell back in line Sunday as her campaign affirmed that “she fully intends to support John Boehner for Speaker.”

“Marilinda Garcia proved once again today that she is a hyper-partisan rubber stamp for the reckless Tea Party agenda. Garcia couldn’t even fake being an independent before she caved to Speaker Boehner’s threats – quickly falling back in line," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Speaker Boehner and the special interests won’t let Garcia step out of line for long because they are bankrolling her campaign. Garcia’s rush to affirm her support for Speaker Boehner shows just how ready and willing she is to be a standard bearer for the Tea Party, and rubber stamp their agenda to end a woman’s right to choose, abolish the Department of Education, eliminate the minimum wage, and protect tax breaks for oil companies.”

"Garcia Refused to Commit to Voting for Boehner for Speaker." "
In a radio interview a few days after the Boehner visit, Garcia refused to commit to voting for the speaker if, as promised, he seeks another term in January." [CNN, 10/5/14]
NRCC Indicated It Won’t Spend in the Second District. CNN reported that “several New Hampshire Republicans say they are hearing that the National Republican Congressional Committee, the GOP campaign arm run by Boehner deputies, is letting it be known it won’t spend in the 2nd Congressional District in the final month of the campaign. [CNN, 10/5/14]
Garcia Declared Her Support for Boehner. Shortly after CNN aired its report, a spokesman told CNN that Garcia “fully intends to support John Boehner for Speaker if she is elected to Congress in November.” [CNN, 10/5/14]