MANCHESTER Today, Scott Brown called on Jeanne Shaheen to stop her despicable "smear campaign" and take down her false and negative attack ad against Brown's record on women's health care.

Scott Brown
Media Availability In Derry
October 7, 2014

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SCOTT BROWN: Before we start our foreign policy event, I would like to take a minute to talk to you about Jeanne Shaheen’s smear against me and my campaign and the insensitive attack ad that she started running today. It’s not only insensitive, but it’s inaccurate. I’m going to read a statement and then I’m happy to take as many questions as you have.
What Jeanne Shaheen is doing is despicable.
Her lies and scare tactics are, quite frankly, disappointing.
I have always been a pro-choice, independent Republican and have a strong record of supporting women’s health care.
I always have been, and that is how I have always voted.
Some of you know I have been protecting women since my mom was being beaten, at 5 years old, when I came to her rescue. One of the reasons I chose to go to college close to home, is so I could be there to respond to my mom and sister’s calls on a constant basis to help with an abusive stepfather.
Since Senator Shaheen does not want to talk about her record of voting with the President over 99 percent of the time, she wants to talk about my record, so I think that’s a good idea, so here are the facts:
As Senator, I was the lead Republican sponsor and advocate, as a result of not only my upbringing and personal experiences, but recognizing the need for women to have protections, so I voted and supported the Violence Against Women Act.
I stood up to my party to oppose language that would take away a woman’s right to choose. I voted to protect funding for Planned Parenthood so women could have health care services that they needed and deserved. I voted for health care providers to cover the cost of contraception.
As a Colonel in the Army, working in the Pentagon, me and my team rewrote the sexual assault prevention regulations to make sure women who are raped or assaulted had a recourse. Those are in full force and effect, and working. 

The very sad thing about it is Senator Shaheen knows all this. She remembers that I was one a just a handful of Republicans to support her amendment to protect female service members who are raped and allow them to get the care and services they needed.
For her to lie and say that I’m opposed to women’s health care is not only insensitive, but it is also deeply offensive. Let’s be clear, this bill that she’s referring to, that by the way was filed over nine years ago and was never even voted on, and shown in her ad, did not force women to do anything. I would never force women to do anything. I would never support a bill that would do such a thing.
The goal of this bill was to give adoption a chance, simply as an alternative, and I thought that Senator Shaheen and I agreed on that very important topic to promote more adoptions, but apparently that is not the case.
In this ad, Senator Shaheen lies about the bill, she lies about my position on adoption, and she should absolutely take it off the air immediately.
Let me be crystal clear: the choice to have an abortion comes down to a decision that is best made between a woman and her doctor. As you know, I live in a house full of women, and have been advocating and fighting for women’s safety my entire life.
For Sen. Shaheen and her allies to suggest otherwise in the way that she has is just shameful. It reminds me of what Martha Coakley tried to do when she said I would not allow women who are raped to be able to have the care and services they needed. Just as shameful.
Sadly, the National Democratic Party is resorting to these scare tactics not only here, but across the country because that’s all they have left. Now you all know, we’re helping obviously fund the stations, but there’s been a lot of negative ads, but this one absolutely crosses the line, and it’s from her. She’s standing behind this ad, just as I stand behind my ads.
And I’m focusing on the issues that people are talking about and you’re writing and reporting about. Because we are, right now, talking about a sensitive and tender topic. Shame on Senator Shaheen, for playing politics with women. I will continue to talk about the issues that affect all voters, both men and women that have to do with our national security, our economic security.
I will continue to talk about jobs and a way to strengthen the economy, and strengthen our country at home. I will continue to draw those distinctions between us on the issues that affect everybody in New Hampshire and throughout this country. And I trust, absolutely trust, that the people of New Hampshire that they will see through these lies, these offensive and insensitive attacks, not only on me, but every women in this state.
So, I’m happy to take your questions, so fire away.