DERRY - Today, Scott Brown picked up the endorsement of Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio at a foreign policy discussion with local veterans. Rubio and Brown both took aim at the failed foreign policy of President Obama and Senator Shaheen, specifically the impact of the 2011 decision by Obama to precipitously withdraw from Iraq, which led to the rise of ISIS and the heightened instability in the region. 

"For two years, I worked closely with Scott Brown and came to trust him as a friend and public servant whose experience in the National Guard gave him unique perspectives on the national security challenges America faces in the 21st century," said Rubio, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  "I proudly support Scott Brown's campaign because New Hampshire deserves to have a principled leader in the U.S. Senate who knows what it takes to protect America and will stand up to President Obama's failed policies."
“Senator Shaheen has been a silent shadow for President Obama’s failed foreign policy that has weakened our country and emboldened our enemies,” said Brown. "I’m grateful to have Senator Rubio's endorsement and look forward to working with him again to restore a stronger America at home and abroad.”
Brown and Rubio met with over 20 veterans to listen to their concerns about President Obama's 2011 decision, supported by Jeanne Shaheen, to precipitously withdraw troops from Iraq, leading to the emergence of ISIS.  Veterans said they felt betrayed by President Obama and Jeanne Shaheen for leaving Iraq without an adequate transition force. On Sunday, the Director of the FBI confirmed on 60 Minutes that 12 American-ISIS fighters have been identified in Syria.
"President Obama acted to withdraw all our troops and failed to leave a sufficient number to work with the Iraqi security forces, and now the country dissolved into chaos," said Gary Lambert, a 35-year veteran of the Marine Corps, an Iraq War veteran and a Bronze Star Medal recipient.  "Jeanne Shaheen should have stood up for our troops, but blindly supported President Obama."