DNC - Rubio & Brown – not ready for primetime


Today, Marco Rubio will travel to New Hampshire where he will endorse Scott Brown for Senate.


It’s a duo that just can’t seem to get anything right. From immigration reform, to their anti-choice records, to just not showing up for work, Scott Brown and Marco Rubio are members of a gang that can’t shoot straight.


And people are noticing.


Just last week, Lindsey Graham, a onetime ally of Rubio criticized him as, “another young guy not quite ready” to be President.




And Scott Brown has been ridiculed for attacking Senator Shaheen’s foreign policy record while utterly refusing – or just failing to – articulate his own foreign policy views. The Boston Globe, Scott Brown’s real hometown paper recently ran a brutal piece, entitled “Still looking for Scott Brown’s worldview” chronicling one reporter’s futile efforts to get a straight answer from Brown.


When Rubio and Brown hold their event today, one thing will be abundantly clear – they’re both not ready for primetime and they’re not ready to lead.


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