NH Dept. of Safety - Law Enforcement Professionals Increase Critical Incident Readiness

New Hampshire Department of Safety





State Department of Safety Courses Provide Real-World Lessons


More than 200 law enforcement professionals from across the state are increasing their readiness for large-scale events this week by participating in the Critical Incident Response course presented by the New Hampshire Department of Safety and hosted at the University of New Hampshire.


The course is taught by law enforcement experts from across the country and demonstrates how incorporating lessons learned from real-world large-scale events increases coordination and planning throughout local and state law enforcement.


WHO:             Sixty law enforcement supervisors will be in their second day of the three-day course.


WHERE:       University of New Hampshire, Holloway Commons, Squamscott Room


WHAT:          Participants will be working in small groups practicing command and control skills through table-top discussion exercises


WHEN:          October 9, 2014, 2:00 -2:30pm


CONTACT:  Emily Martuscello, Exercise Training Officer,


This course is the first in a series of courses and is offered in partnership with the New Hampshire Division of Homeland Security, the University of New Hampshire Police Department and the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council. The course was paid for through a Department of Homeland Security grant and in sponsorship with the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police and the New Hampshire State Police. Additional assistance was provided in the North Country by the Grafton County Sheriff and Coos County Sheriff.