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Do Legacy Media Publications Still Carry the Same Weight They Used to?

When The Guardian newspaper wrote that “the New York Times is surprised to find itself a stepping-stone," it nailed the latest crisis to hit traditional media: the growing disinterest of its best and brightest at working there. But is it really surprising that the smartest people in a declining industry are looking for opportunities elsewhere?

What makes the trend notable is its size and depth: What started as a trickle is now a flood. A lot of prized talent in recent years, and especially in the watershed year 2013, abandoned plum names in print and broadcast journalism to forge new paths in online-only news organizations and start-ups.

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A Note >From Our President

Dear Reader,

We've been sounding a clarion call about the decline of legacy media outlets for some time now, but it seems only recently that the idea is beginning to sink in throughout the broader media world. Many of the best and brightest journalists at "elite" publications like the New York Times and Washington Post are taking their talents elsewhere to alternative, online-only outlets. 

This growth in innovative news outlets means more sources of information and fresh voices to foster public debate. It means government entities and politicians will have a harder time avoiding scrutiny from every side. And it primes the pump for the next generation of watchdog journalists to find new ways of uncovering the hard-hitting stories that keep America's free press alive.

Best regards,

Jason Stverak
President, Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity





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