NHDP - MA Senate President Therese Murray, Women Activists Set Record Straight on Brown

Scott Brown’s Bill Is Very Clear: It Would Force Pregnant Women To Look at Pictures of Developing Fetuses Before Being Able To Terminate A Pregnancy

Manchester, NH – In response to Scott Brown’s attempt to run away from his own record, Massachusetts State Senate President Therese Murray, along with women’s health advocates, today set the record straight on Scott Brown’s history of failing Massachusetts women. Senator Murray served with Scott Brown and spoke firsthand about Scott Brown’s support for legislation that would force women to view color photographs of fetuses before ending a pregnancy.
"New Hampshire women can't trust Scott Brown to stand up for their reproductive rights," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "Brown can try and run from his record all he wants, but the facts are indisputable: he twice cosponsored a bill that would require women to look at photographs of developing fetuses before being able to terminate their pregnancy. His record is just further proof that he's wrong for New Hampshire." 

“Scott claims he’s pro-choice, yet he votes to put women into boxes, stripping them of any choice when it comes to their health and reproductive care,” said Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray. “While in the Massachusetts legislature, Scott Brown co-sponsored the ‘Women’s Right to Know’ bill. This bill says that women must wait 24 hours and be given images and descriptions of developing fetuses before terminating a pregnancy, and that is not something that anyone who comes to that decision should be forced to go through. If people want to learn from Massachusetts’ mistakes, learn the facts about this bill. This is a woman’s body, and it should be her decision, between her and her doctor. No politician, especially not Scott Brown, should insert themselves in that decision.”
“Scott Brown is choosing to tout mainstream pro-choice values because he knows it’s popular, but he can't run from his anti-choice record,” said NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire Executive Director Laura Thibault. “Let me ask you this: who is Scott Brown to tell women what they need before making a private decision? When did Scott Brown become an expert on women and their own bodies? Why is Scott Brown deciding what's best for women and their families? The legislation he has supported was nothing more than another effort to place barriers between a woman and her constitutional right to choose.” 

To read the full text of the bill that Scott Brown co-sponsored to force women to view photographs of developing fetuses before ending a pregnancy, please click here.