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ObamaCare guru misleads ‘stupid American voters,’ gets paid $400K to advise ShumlinCare


The Obamacare architect who admitted using misinformation to exploit “the stupidity of the American voter" is now making $400,000 to advise the governor of Vermont.

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Corporate tax deals soak Virginians

House of Delegates Speaker Bill Howell has vowed to curb tax incentives for selected businesses which are driving Virginia deeper into debt.
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10 times the government stonewalled requests for information

The team has compiled a list of ten times the government has refused to be transparent.


Citizen News

Bathrobe-wearing watchdog turns tables on Detroit squatter

Although Detroit has been bailed out, the city remains fraught with problems like squatters, but one watchdog decided to take matters into his own hands.
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MN wind and solar mandate would mean costly grid upgrade
A new report released by the Minnesota Commerce Department lays the technical groundwork for ramping up one of the nation’s highest state renewable energy mandates from 30 to 40 percent by 2030.


Nanny of the Week
Florida growls at craft breweries’ growlers
A 64-ounce reusable jug of beer, known as a growler, is legal in 47 states – but not in Florida.


TN county employee allegedly steals nearly $145,000 to pay off credit card
A former agent with the Jefferson County Finance Office in Tennessee reportedly took nearly $145,000 from taxpayers to pay off her sizable credit card debt.