Capital Headlines - Nov. 21, 2014

The Boston Globe




Here are the Capital highlights from today's Globe:

  • Young faces for the Grand Old Party: Ryan and Stephanie Fattman describe their lives as a series of turning points, beginning with their meeting at a 2002 high school dance and continuing through the events that led both into politics. Jeremy C. Fox reports.
  • Twenty-five years ago, a key moment in gay rights fight: Twenty-five years ago, many gays and lesbians were still closeted at work, and at home. But they were on the cusp of a landmark victory, one that would distinguish Massachusetts as a gay rights leader. Jill Terreri Ramos details the story.
  • Bearing bad news: It’s all in the timing: Quincy voters learned two days after casting their ballots this month that their city would shortly become the state’s largest without a hospital. Jim O’Sullivan reports.