"This may be just what it takes to put [Brown] over the edge"

Fox and Friends
November 3, 2014

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STEVE DOOCY: Meanwhile there is trouble as well for the Democrat who is the Senator up in the great state of New Hampshire. There is a story out today on The Daily Caller that says that apparently Jeanne Shaheen, the sitting Senator from New Hampshire, she was one of six U.S. Democratic Senators, she apparently was the point person who was contacting the IRS, and they were dealing with the point man for the White House at the IRS in talking about hey when are you going to start cracking down on these nonprofit groups that have political activities?
KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Yeah, I think this is a really, a death sentence for her. This is one of the races that everybody is looking for on the returns to see if this is going to signal the big shift. Because if we can see if Brown can take it in New Hampshire, then we're going to know this might be a big sweep across the country for Republicans. This may be just what it takes to put him over the edge.
DOOCY: They're that close.
GUILFOYLE: It's that close. it is within the statistical margin of error, of course some people even calling it too close to call.
BRIAN KILMEADE: I think even schoolkids, when you mention the name Lois Lerner, they think IRS scandal and her refusing to speak out. Now if you link Senator Jeanne Shaheen to Lois Lerner and then the IRS scandal which scares most people because they can relate to problems when they get that letter in the mail about the IRS, and the fact that they were trying to push this investigation and request away for the longest time, knowing she was at the foundation of that could be a huge deal