ALG's Daily Grind - Big Labor's Death Rattle


Nov. 5, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Big Labor's Death Rattle
Wisconsin's Scott Walker, Michigan's Rick Snyder and Ohio's John Kasich each took on Big Labor in their respective states and lived politically to tell about it.

Cartoon: No matter who won
While big government marches on…

Get ready for Obama's executive amnesty on immigration
Now that the 2014 elections are in the books, all sights now turn back to Washington, D.C. both for Congress' lame duck session — members still haven't completed the 2015 budget — and also for Barack Obama's anticipated action on the illegal immigration question.

Halligan: History will surely see QE as a major mistake
"[T]he world's most important central bank has fired $3,700bn from its monetary bazooka. America's QE has been six times bigger than envisaged."