ALG's Daily Grind - McConnell: 'We will use the power of the purse'


Nov. 6, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

McConnell: 'We will use the power of the purse'
Incoming Senate Majority Leader: "It takes 60 votes to do a lot of things in the Senate, but there are some things we can do with 51 votes." 

Cartoon: Obama Reacts

Will Obama Regulation Shut Off the Lights?
The Obama Administration and his big money environmental extremist allies lost two Senate seats due to extreme environmentalist overregulation, and it is likely to get worse for the greenies in the next two years.

Stockman: Bill Gross' case for bigger deficits is ludicrous
Former Pimco bond king: ""The real economy needs money printing, yes, but money spending more so, and that must come from the fiscal side — from the dreaded government side — where deficits are anathema and balanced budgets are increasingly in vogue."