Headlines - Nov. 6, 2014

The Boston Globe




Here are highlights from today's Globe:

  • Charlie Baker focuses on team, transition: Governor Patrick and the governor-elect vowed to work together to smoothly hand off the reins of power. Michael Levenson and Stephanie Ebbert detail the latest.
  • Obama, GOP signal comity, confrontation: Mitch McConnell signaled a willingness to work with the White House, but immigration threatens to poison the conversation. Matt Viser, Noah Bierman and Jessica Meyers detail the latest.
  • Is your smartphone ready for radio?: Most smartphones made today have plain old FM radios built inside. However, many smartphone users don’t use them.  Hiawatha Bray reports.
  • Tom Brady savors just being one of the guys: Brady said he strives to be the same person he was before he became famous. “I know probably from the outside in it’s different, but from the inside out, it’s the same,” he said. Shalise Manza Young details the story.