Watchdog - Transgender students choose their restroom



Groups ask school districts to reconsider transgender restroom policies


Should transgender students be allowed to use school restrooms of the gender with which they identify? Wisconsin school officials and concerned groups debate.

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Watchdog report prompts Kent State prof’s resignation from journal

A Kent State University professor has resigned from the editorial board of an academic journal following Watchdog’s publication of a letter in which he accused pro-Israel academics of being “directly responsible for the murder of over 1,400 Palestinian children, women and elderly civilians.”
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ACA’s troublesome tanning tax

Architects of the Affordable Care Act created the "Snooki Tax" to attack the tanning bed industry. The Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation crowed that the tax would raise $2.7 billion in nine years but, like almost every other aspect of the ACA, its advocates had to eat crow.


Citizen News

Alabama school district pays ex-FBI agent to monitor students’ social media

School officials in Alabama paid an ex-FBI agent $157,000 to oversee a number of security reforms, which included monitoring and spying on the social media accounts of the district’s students.
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Republicans trounce Democrats in legislative races from coast-to-coast
From Nevada to New Hampshire, Republicans won resounding victories in state-level elections that swept more GOP lawmakers into state capitols and flipped control of at least eight legislative chambers.


Agent: Postal worker who dumped GOP mailers not politically motivated, just lazy
The Wisconsin postal worker who dumped hundreds of GOP mailers in an apartment complex dumpster claimed the act wasn't politically motivated, the postal worker just didn’t feel like delivering the stacks of campaign advertisements.


Republicans make strong gains in Colorado after nearly decade out of power
Republicans gained control of several major elected offices in Colorado and the state Legislature, increasing GOP strength that hasn’t been seen in the state for nearly a decade.

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