CEI Today: Gruber testimony, US misleads at COP-20, and Progressive victories

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014
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Gruber Testifies Before Congress on Obamacare Transparency Issues

Sam Kazman, CEI general counsel: “Regardless of what happens at the hearing, Jonathan Gruber has already had a major impact on the ongoing Obamacare litigation, as in CEI’s King v. Burwell and Halbig v. Burwell cases." > Read more

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Report from COP-20 in Lima: United States Makes Impressive But Misleading Presentation


The U. S. presentation by Rick Duke of the White House Council on Environmental Quality was the most detailed and impressive.  But it did attract several highly critical questions. 

To Mr. Duke’s claim that one of three key parts of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan was the the U. S. would lead international efforts, South Africa questioned how the U. S. could lead when its own domestic efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions had been so insufficient.

But no questions were raised about what I consider to be two highly misleading points in the U. S. presentation.  First, Mr. Duke listed the EPA’s proposed rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants without mentioning that they are both subject to serious legal challenges and to serious attempts to block them in the 114th Congress. Second, Mr. Duke attributed significant future reductions in fossil fuel use to the increasing use of cellulosic ethanol.
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Daily Caller: Hey, Progressives, It’s OK To Declare Victory Sometimes

How did progressives go from dreaming about a better future to shouting jeremiads about impending doom? The answer, I believe, is because they refuse to declare victory, preferring the self-affirming righteousness of unremitting struggle. > Read more


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