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CONCORD, NH– The New Hampshire Department of Safety and the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police ask busy shoppers to remember to keep the access aisles next to disability parking spaces open— no cars, no carts, no snow.


“Parking in a hatch-marked access aisle blocks a shopper with a disability from getting into or out of a vehicle,” Chief Richard Crate, president of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, said. “Shoppers who use these prohibited access aisles create the potential for serious injuries to shoppers with disabilities during severe weather.”


The fines for parking in an access aisle or a disability parking spot are steep and can be as much as $250.


“It’s about public awareness,” Crate said. “Everyone is busy during this time of year. We just want to remind everyone to slow down and be considerate. Those access aisles can look like an easy solution for busy shoppers, but parking there can turn the holiday season into a tragedy for people with disabilities in our community.”

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