Market Basket Employees Named The Boston Globe Magazine ’s “Bostonians Of The Year”





11th Annual Issue of the Magazine Honors 25,000 Risk Takers Who Captivated the Nation by Standing Behind Their Leader


Boston, Dec. 17, 2014 – The Boston Globe Magazine announced today that it has selected the 25,000 employees of Market Basket, who put their jobs on the line to support ousted company president Arthur T. Demoulas, as 2014 “Bostonians of the Year.” They will be featured in a special edition of The Boston Globe Magazine on December 21, and online at The magazine will also include profiles of nine other Bostonians receiving honorable mentions for their achievements in 2014.


The magazine issue highlights a sampling of employees of the New England grocery chain, sharing their stories on why they decided to stick by “Artie T” and participate in a walkout. An accompanying video takes viewers to the photo shoot with 62 employees.


The magazine will also explore lessons learned from the Market Basket protests: illustrating that it is possible to respect the needs and dignity of employees and customers while still turning a profit, shedding light on the concept of stakeholder capitalism, demonstrating the power of social media as an influential component of a movement, and calling attention to the strength of a non-union workforce.    


“We are proud to honor the employees of Market Basket as Bostonians of the Year,” said Susanne Althoff, editor of the Boston Globe Magazine. “They demonstrated determination in turbulent times, serving as a reminder to the country that devotion to a cause can trigger desired change.”


The magazine will also include profiles of nine other Bostonians being honored for their achievements, including Pete Frates, who inspired the viral and highly impactful “Ice Bucket Challenge,” and the Broad Institute’s ground-breaking Ebola team.


This is the 11th  year that the Globe Magazine has selected influential and inspiring “Bostonians of the Year.” Previous honorees include three civilian heroes from the Boston Marathon bombings, both Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown (who would later battle one another in a U.S. Senate race), former Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein, U.S. attorney Carmen Ortiz, and U.S. Olympians Aly Raisman and Kayla Harrison.


The “Bostonian(s) of the Year” are selected by the editors of The Boston Globe Magazine.



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