FreeKeeneNews - Keene Business Owner Issued Stalking Order, Allegedly Threatened to Kill 10yo With Knife

Keene Business Owner Issued Stalking Order

Jennifer Schmidt is accused of stalking and threatening to kill a 10yo boy with a knife.  A prominent member of local hate group, “STOP FREE KEENE!!!“, Jennifer Schmidt has been issued a temporary stalking order by Keene district court’s judge Edward J Burke. Schmidt is alleged to have stalked and threatened to kill a ten-year-old boy with a knife. She has been ordered to stay 300 feet away from the boy in question and to have no contact with him, pending a full hearing in court on December 29th at 1:30pm.

In the stalking petition filed on December 5th by Anne M. Tallon, it is alleged that Schmidt, aged 40, began to stalk a boy, aged 10, (whose name I’ve redacted from the PDF) in October by coming to Fuller Elementary School and glaring at the boy while he was on the playground and when he got out of school. The petition says school admins attempted to bar Schmidt from the playground and parking lot but were unsuccessful. A couple of weeks later, the same day that Keene school district assistant superintendent Dan Black informed Schmidt she was prohibited from being on the playground during school hours, Schmidt allegedly approached the boy in Hannaford and told him to, “Fuck off”. Later in November, Schmidt is alleged to have come to the boy’s home and given him the finger. Finally, on December 1st, Schmidt allegedly approached, brandished a knife, and threatened to kill the boy if he didn’t stay away from her daughter.

Schmidt, who is the owner of Embellish Floral Studio in Keene, lives down River street from the boy and Ms. Tallon and a few houses up the street from the Keene Activist Center. She is better known as the perennially angry-looking wife of Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt, who has obsessively gone on a one-man mission to destroy peaceful chalkings drawn by children and adults alike in downtown Keene. 

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