NH GOP - Obama vs The Constitution


President Obama used the State of the Union Address to reaffirm his plan to act unilaterally to do anything he thinks he can get away with, even without the authority from the Constitution or the consent of Congress.

The Constitution provides the primary rules for the federal government. Barack Obama is defying the Constitution of the United States of America. Obama is not upholding the Presidential Oath of Office.

The State of the Union Address should have informed the country of the high unemployment rate, the lack of job creation, the failure of Obamacare, and the explosion of debt under his watch.

I am asking for your support of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. Our Party has the only elected officials who care about the Constitution. The Democrats are not even trying to follow the law; they just want more power.

Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea-Porter, and Ann Kuster have proven they are unfit to represent us again. They too have violated their oaths and their promises to the citizens of New Hampshire.

They stand by President Obama's infractions of the Constitution. They put their radical ideological agendas ahead of the law of the land. Since they agree with Barack Obama on every single issue, they are perfectly happy with disregarding the Constitution.

Please make a donation to the NH GOP to strengthen campaigns of candidates who will honor the Constitution.



Karen Testerman